About Olivia

Hi there lovely!

I'm Olivia Hawkins and Lovely Folks is my first clothing company,

If you have any questions or comments you can email me at olivia@lovelyfolks.com or call me at 505-660-4799


I've been sewing and designing my whole life and beautiful, organic clothing is my highest goal for design. 

I want to curate your experience of getting dressed to be as blissful as possible: to feel happy and exquisite in my clothes. When you get up in the morning I want my clothes to be the ones you reach for to feel pretty, comfortable and elegant. 

All of my products are made of certified 100% organic cotton/linen or silk, because pesticides are icky and are not only harmful to your skin, they are also harmful for the Earth's ecosystems. 

I only order un-dyed fabric and then hand dye it myself using beautiful, healthful and natural plants. Have you ever hand washed a piece of clothing and saw how much dye seeped out of it? Gross right? That chemical dye is soaking into your skin while you are wearing it and the chemical dye also puts extra stress on Mother Nature. By using only un-dyed fabric or by hand-dying it with natural plant based dye, I create clothing that is not only good for you but also for our streams, rivers, and water reservoirs. 


Each piece is made by hand by me, from start to finish. 

Truly a slow fashion company-at prices that are affordable.

Easy, simple, and beautiful.